How To Impress Me: Sarah Ann Macklin

It starts with eye contact. Look at me across the room, show interest. Don’t just barge up.

I like it when a man looks me straight in the eyes. Like he can’t take his focus off me. It grabs you.

Our industry takes itself so seriously. If someone can make me laugh, they have my attention.

A man should be at ease. When he’s relaxed with himself and having fun, it makes you want to be around him. It’s a nice vibe.

Listen. When you’re with her, really engage. It’s such a cliché, but it’s so true.

Ive worked with the most beautiful men in the world, and theres never been chemistry. I have to see past looks to find somebody attractive.

Manners are so important. My dad is always a gentleman. If I see a guy with manners, it melts my heart. It says a lot.

You can see straight through a guy trying to impress you. “I own this, I own that.” He’ll talk about money, what he does, how much he works out. I’m not going to fall for someone because of that.

But I understand why guys do that. I do.

It doesnt matter if hes successful – as long as hes driven.

A man should never be ashamed of who he is. I’m surrounded by male models every day. I’m surrounded by actors every day. I need a guy who’s secure. I don’t want to be constantly reassuring someone.

I always notice how much a guy is fidgeting.

The difference between lovely and sexy is very subtle.

A man should be in the moment.

If a guy takes care of himself, its a big plus. But not too much. Any guy who spends more time in a bathroom than a woman is so unattractive. It’s ridiculous. You should never have to wait for your boyfriend to get ready.

100 per cent – any guy can date a model.

I wont have anybody rude in my life. People tolerate it, and they shouldn’t.

A man should challenge you.

I want someone to live my life with me. Not just tag along. A man needs to have his own life, his own friends, his own career. He should be able to teach a girl new tricks.

Never be in a rush.


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